We’ve Been Featured! Business of Distinction in Wilmington, NC

Evolve as a Business of Distinction in 2024

Here at Evolve, we pride ourselves on being a company that builds communities for people who live outside the box. We know your home is where it all happens, so we want it to feel unique—just like you—and our hope is that we can bring that same vibe into everything we do!

We started 2024 with the absolute honor of being recognized as a Business of Distinction in Wilmington, NC! Wrightsville Beach Magazine featured Evolve Companies in their amazing Green Spaces article, highlighting the plants we have at the center of our design—both in our Wilmington headquarters and at our communities.

Greenery in our workspaces at Evolve

conference room with coastal succulent plant art at oceans rv resort

The power of plants can lift the mood in any space—so what better place for plants that double as art than in a workspace? And the plants don’t even need to be real to elevate the environment! Amanda Lisk with Wrightsville Beach Magazine wrote, “Whether real or faux, adding plants to a room elevates the aesthetic, the mood, and the oxygen level when live. Plants just make everything better,” and we totally agree.

In our Wilmington headquarters, we’ve added lush (sometimes faux) plants wherever possible—from table centerpieces to stunning artwork framed on the walls.

Thanks to our friends at The Coastal Succulent, Evolve’s Wilmington headquarters has come to life with plants that set us apart—literally with our 8-foot gorilla topiary in the courtyard. Shawna Raines, our Development/Marketing Coordinator shared with the magazine that people who see the gorilla from the street even stop to take photos with it.

Keeping things fresh at Evolve communities

two people in front of plant art at oceans rv resort

Part of our commitment to evolve the way you live is by keeping things fresh in our communities! One of our newer projects, Oceans RV Resort, is a different take on your typical RV park. This isn’t your basic spot to camp for the night!

As unique as Oceans RV Resort is, we wanted to bring the aesthetic to life with plants. Framed plant artwork and centerpieces dispersed throughout the resort are sure to catch your eye!

van pulling up to oceans rv resort clubhouse and amenities

Keep the evolution growing

How do you bring life into your living spaces? We’d love to see what greenery you’ve got up your sleeve! And if you’re diggin’ our plant art, head over to The Coastal Succulent to see what else they offer. Be sure to tag us on IG if you share your space!

If you haven’t already: get the full scoop on Green Spaces in Wilmington from Wrightsville Beach Magazine.